Workshop helps identify best practices on academic recognition

On February 10, European Humanities University (EHU) hosted a workshop on best practices of academic recognition among Campus Europae universities.

The aim of the workshop was to look at the ways  the learning agreements could be better designed and grades, as well as credits, more easily transferred when students go on exchange programs. Currently a lot of them face difficulties due to the differences in academic programs and grading policies.

25 participants from 7 universities attended the workshop in Vilnius.

The president of the European University Foundation – Campus Europae (EUF-CE) prof. António Ferrari emphasized that academic recognition is a cornerstone of EU 2020 mobility policies.

Mr Päivi Haltilahti from the University of Eastern Finland spoke of  his university’s flexible approach to credit transfer, where most of the responsibility lies with the student.

It is largely agreed that internal organization of a higher education institution has a decisive impact on the quality of academic recognition.

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