US liberal arts faculty train EHU faculty

US liberal arts faculty train EHU faculty

Bard College, a private liberal arts college based in New York State, led a four-day training workshop for faculty on “Thinking and Writing in Teaching.” The workshop was designed to meet the specific pedagogical and methodological needs of the liberal arts classroom and introduce new approaches to education.

35 EHU faculty members and ten faculty members from Russia’s Smolny Institute and St. Petersburg State University attended. The workshops were conducted by faculty from Bard College and Smolny Institute.

The workshop was divided into two sections: one on "Teaching the Academic Paper"—a two-day workshop that offered strategies for helping students write better analytical essays; and subject-specific sections of "Writing to Learn"—a two-day workshop that presented strategies for understanding and writing about complex ideas and texts relevant to particular subjects.

“It was a unique opportunity for me to learn special techniques in academic writing and reading,” said Inesa Stolper, a teaching assistant in EHU's Department of Law and an EHU alumna herself (LLB International Law 2011). “The workshop has shown me how I can teach students to critically analyze the materials they are reading. As a result, I have a clear vision of how to deal with problems students face when working with a text and putting their ideas together for a paper.”

The training was organized jointly by Bard College, EHU, and Smolny Institute.

Co-financed by:European Commission