Transformation Studies Initiative established at EHU

Transformation Studies Initiative established at EHU

The European Humanities University hereby announces the establishment of a “Transformation Studies Initiative”.

The “Berlin Initiative Group” – formed by experts and supporters of the University under the leadership of Dr. Hans-Georg Wieck, chair of the Berlin-based non-governmental organization “Menschenrechte in Belarus e.V.” (“Human Rights in Belarus”) – in cooperation with the University and an international advisory board formed for this purpose, hereby commit their joint efforts and resources towards the raising of funds for and the implementation of the Transformation Studies Initiative, which will consist of the following elements:

1. A Center for Transformation Studies at the University, to be launched by 2015, that will promote and conduct research and programs that advance the study and understanding of political, economic, and social transformations, with a particular focus on member-states of the European Union, its Eastern Neighborhood, and Russia, and such topics as:

  • the comparative study of democratic transformations
  • the comparative study of authoritarianism
  • the effects of EU and other international policy on transformations

2. The development of a master program at the University with a focus on transformation, with the possibility of a launch as early as Fall 2016

3. The development of a bachelor program in economics and management integrating Philosophy, Economics, Management, and Politics, focused on managing transformation, with the possibility of a launch as early as Fall 2016

4. The review of academic programs of the University with the goal of integrating theoretical knowledge and practical vocational education and experience

The “Transformation Studies Initiative” is based on the undisputed need to better understand what determines the effectiveness of attempts to transform societies, governments, and economies from authoritarian, state-led systems marked by limited civic participation and entrepreneurship into more democratic, open, entrepreneurial, and participatory ones.

To implement this Initiative, the University and the Berlin Initiative Group will seek not only resources, but also partnerships with relevant institutions, companies, and individuals, and will establish advisory and working groups comprised of representatives of such as well as University faculty and staff, as needed, and others who can contribute their time and talents to the successful implementation of this Transformation Studies Initiative.

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