Top 30 most promising entrepreneurs in Belarus includes EHU students

Top 30 most promising entrepreneurs in Belarus includes EHU students

The Belarusian Strategic and Economic Development Agency’s (ASER) Top 30 under 30 list of entrepreneurs reveals that one tenth of the most promising and creative young Belarusian entrepreneurs are former students of the European Humanities University (EHU), which is currently in exile in Vilnius.

Alexander Filipenko (30 years old), who studied at EHU, occupies the 16th place in the list. He resides in Moscow, where he works as a showman, journalist, and writer. In 2014, he published his novel The Former Son and won the first prize in the prose category of the prestigious international literary Russian Award (Russkaya Premiya).

“Keeping in mind such a good start at a young age and the advances popular Russian writers can command, Filipenko has a very promising future,” reports ASER.

Another promising Belarusian businessman is Sergei Tsybulnik (29 years old), who received an MBA from EHU. He is currently a deputy director of Dikris, a public corporation, and a member of the RRB-Bank board of directors.

“Sergei came to the bank almost directly from the university and put a lot of effort into the development of the retail banking sector,” ASER underscores.

Among the top 30 most creative and promising Belarusian entrepreneurs, we also find EHU alumnus Vladislav Androsov (MA Cultural Heritage 2012), who owns two companies operating in the field of medical tourism. His company MedTravelBelarus annually provides treatment in Belarusian clinics for more than 700 customers from abroad. Since 2013, Androsov has also been developing the medical tourism sector for Belarusians who wish to improve their health in European SPA resorts or receive medical checkups, treatment, and rehabilitation in foreign clinics.

“The annual growth of our enterprise is determined by our responsible attitude towards business. My years at EHU in Vilnius formed a great sense of responsibility regarding business and family. Many EHU alumni are employed in my company. It’s easy with them. They are reliable and capable of performing complex tasks. EHU plays an important role in the formation of a new generation of professionals. These people can quickly look up information and apply it to their work. They contribute to a more rapid integration of Belarusian society in the European community, and they stimulate economic growth,” says Androsov, who is also a Distinguished Alumnus of EHU.

Androsov is also a co-founder of the Minsk Kicker Club soccer club and his talented younger brother Alexander’s sports agent. Alexander is a promising Belarusian soccer player.

When rating young Belarusian businessmen, ASER calculated the existing achievements of the participants, the prospects for future growth and capitalization of their companies, and the possibility of scaling the businesses for a global marketplace. The rating also considered people from cultural sectors who have the prospects and opportunities to earn large commissions.

The European Humanities University was founded in Minsk in 1992. The University has been headquartered in Vilnius, Lithuania since it was forcibly closed by Belarusian authorities in 2004. As the only Belarusian university operating in an environment of academic freedom, it serves approximately 1,300 mostly Belarusian students, offering undergraduate and graduate degree programs and promoting research in the humanities and social sciences.

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