Support EHU with 2% income tax

Support EHU with 2% income tax

Until May 1 every Lithuanian citizen and permanent resident who pays taxes in Lithuania can direct up to 2% of normally paid income taxes to be donated to a non-profit organization of his or her choice.

Would you consider donating your 2% to support the vital mission of the European Humanities University (EHU)?

You can support EHU by selecting “VšĮ Europos humanitarinis universitetas” as the recipient of your 2% income tax allocation.

You can make the contribution by filling in form FR0512, Version 2 of your tax return in one of the following ways:

  1. You can fill it out electronically via the Internet by connecting to the State Tax Inspectorate’s website (using your online banking login) at;

  2. Fill out the form by hand and bring it to your local State Tax Inspectorate’s office;

  3. Send the completed form in a sealed envelope by mail to your local State Tax Inspectorate.

You can obtain form FR0512, Version 2 at your local State Tax Inspectorate’s office.

Details needed to complete Form FR0512, Version 2:

  1. Recipient type (EHU) (Field E1): 2

  2. Recipient’s (EHU) Identification Number (code) (Field E2): 300548028

You can even indicate whether you would like to contribute 2% of your income tax each year for up to the next five years. If you decide to contribute 2% of your income tax for a period longer than one year, please fill in Field E5, indicating the final year of the donation period (up to five years in the future).

The donation can be made until May 1, so please do not delay.

Thank you very much to all who support the European Humanities University - your support means a lot!

Wishing you a happy new academic semester and pleasant spring from all of us at EHU!

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