Students win €7,000 to participate in EDHEC Sailing Cup]

Students win €7,000 to participate in EDHEC Sailing Cup

An EHU student project has been named the winner of an Intel video contest on the topic “My computer is so old that…”

Students competed for a €7,000 grant by creating a video and an essay on the topic “Since your computer is old, what would be your dream computer?"

EHU students Hauryil Smaharzheuski, Pavel Haluzau, and Aliaksandra Krypets submitted a comic video that highlighted the slowness of old computers.

The winners were determined in a two-stage process: the number of likes their video received on Facebook and a jury’s vote each counted for 50% of the decision.

“We are very excited about winning, and it’s a result of our hard work over the past month. We are eager to participate and we’ll have a professional skipper from UCLA (University of California Los Angeles) who will train us.” said Smaharzheuski.

The team will participate in the 45th EDHEC Sailing Cup, which will take place April 19-27 in Brest. 

Organized by students from EDHEC Business School, the competition is the largest European sporting event for students and the largest student sailing race. Some 3,000 participants are expected to take part in the event this year.

Contest Intel® - EHU - Lithuania
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