Students from Belarus, Germany, Lithuania explore transformationsp

Students from Belarus, Germany, Lithuania explore transformations

Guided by scholars and experts on transformation, eighteen students from Germany, Belarus, and Lithuania explored transformations in Lithuania and Eastern Germany after the collapse of communism, comparing them to the path Belarus has taken at EHU’s “Spring Academy 2014: Exploring Transformations.”

“I came to the Academy because I heard about EHU and wanted to support it. It is very good to educate students and form civil society around it, so that one day there will be change,“ said Spring Academy participant Stefan Rottler, an international relations student at the Technical University of Dresden.

“The environment here is different from what I saw in Minsk. People want change. Otherwise EHU wouldn’t have so many students. It is great that people can come to Vilnius and experience the environment which is similar to how we live,“ said Robert Vierling, a law student from Dresden.

Spring Academy 2014 was organized by the EHU Förderinitiative e.V., EHU’s Germany-based support group, with the support of Vilnius University’s Institute of International Relations and Political Science (TSPMI). It was sponsored by Konrad Adenauer Foundation, the Ring of Christian Democratic Students (Germany), and the Student Council of Dresden.

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