Students examine Germany’s social market economy

Students examine Germany’s social market economy

Six EHU students and one faculty member attended EHU's Fall Political Academy in Germany where they examined and discussed the German social market economy with experts and practitioners. These included Dr. Philipp Schmädeke (University of Potsdam), who spoke about the economic realignment of Western Germany after World War II, and Inesa Stolper (EHU), who discussed the rule of law in the context of Belarus.

In addition to their seminars and discussions, participants visited the parliament of the German Federal State of Saxony, the State Ministry for Justice and European Affairs, and the Dresden Chamber of Commerce and Industry.

“The trip was very productive and thought-provoking,” says Natallia Tsiareshchanka, a student of political science and European studies at EHU.

To learn more about student experiences at the Academy, you can read their diary.

EHU's annual Fall Political Academy is organized by the EHU Förderinitiative e.V., EHU's support group in Germany, together with EHU’s Center for German Studies. It was sponsored by Dresden Technical University (Technische Universität Dresden), the European Movement Saxony (Europäische Bewegung Sachsen), Saxony's Young European Federalists (Junge Europäische Föderalisten – Landesverband Sachsen), Saxony's Union of Christian-Democratic Students (RCDS Sachsen), and the “Young Union” of Saxony (Junge Union Sachsen und Niederschlesien).

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