Student satisfaction with studies at EHU increases

Student satisfaction with studies at EHU increases

The results of a recently completed representative student survey show that 70% of European Humanities University (EHU) students are satisfied with their studies at the University. This represents an increase in overall student satisfaction compared to last year’s 62%.

The survey was conducted February-April 2014. Of EHU’s approximately 1,500 high and low residence students, 463 participated. The University surveys students every semester.

In particular, students indicated that EHU faculty are professional and correct in their interactions with them, that instructors present material in a clear and consistent way, and are objective and impartial in evaluating completed tasks.

Among areas for improvement, students indicated they would like a more reasonable distribution of workload and assignments, and more online classes, video lectures, and forums. More timely and reasonable feedback from teachers, as well as revision of some courses were also requested. Students were more critical of the work of academic support services than last year, contributing to a slight decrease in the rating that combines their views on quality of instruction, academic administration, and social environment. It slipped from 1.5 to 1.68 (where 1 represents the highest evaluation and 4—the lowest).

“Student surveys are an important tool in assessing how well the University is serving those for whom we exist. We are pleased that most students say they are satisfied with their studies at EHU. We take their comments and suggestions very seriously and will be examining what can be done to further improve the student experience,” said EHU Vice-Rector for Academic Affairs Aliaksandr Kalbaska.

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