Strategic Planning Committee begins work

Strategic Planning Committee begins work

On May 4, EHU’s Strategic Planning Committee held its first meeting. The Strategic Planning Committee was appointed by EHU Rector David Pollick to review the mission and planning process of the University by May 22. It consists of students, faculty, and administrative staff.

“One of the major challenges is involving faculty, administrative staff, students, and donors in the formulation of EHU's future strategy, but EHU community members have demonstrated their ability to meet such challenges. The collaborative committee is making good progress in regard to its new strategic planning and mission review processes. We must all trust in our collective ability to succeed,” says Rector Pollick.

At its first meeting, the Strategic Planning Committee divided itself into two sub-committees according to the two immediate tasks it must fulfill.

The first task is to review and recommend appropriate modifications to the University's mission statement and coordinate a full collaborative discussion of this review and any modifications with the EHU community in order to develop a consensus utilizing the current governance structure. The mission must reflect the full range of practical financial and educational realities specific to EHU which have been expressed in the Governing Board’s’ “Charge” document.

The “mission” sub-committee held its second meeting on May 6. Each member presented his or her formulation of EHU’s mission. Also, a timeline of open meetings with students, faculty, and administration to discuss EHU’s mission was to be set. Members of this sub-committee are Ryhor Miniankou (Co-Chair), Oleg Bresky, Tatsiana Chulitskaya, Dalia Kaminskaitė, Mariya Kotsupalova, Galina Orlova, Alla Pihalskaya, David Pollick, Justina Poškienė, and Aliaksandr Puptsau.

The second task for the Strategic Planning Committee is to formulate a plan, in accordance with the Governing Board’s calendar, for the consultative process that will develop the University’s new Strategic Plan during 2015-16.

This sub-committee will meet on May 7. A draft plan for the strategic planning process will be presented and discussed. Members of this sub-committee are: Aliaksandr Kalbaska (Co-Chair), Bernardas Gailius, Alina Juškienė, Dzianis Kuchynski, Dainius Sivickis, Andrei Stsiapanau, and Maxim Timofeev.

The Strategic Planning Committee has already created a Moodle “room” where any member of the EHU community can discuss issues before the committee, share his or her views, find relevant documents, and make constructive suggestions. This Moodle room is open to all faculty and students and can be accessed here.

The results of the Strategic Planning Committee’s work will be presented at the Annual EHU Trust Fund Donor Assembly on June 4.

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