Six students awarded Friends of EHU scholarshipsp]

Six students awarded Friends of EHU scholarships

EHU’s Scholarship Committee has selected six distinguished students—four undergraduate high residence (on-campus) students, one low residence (distance learning) student, and one graduate student—to receive the Friends of EHU scholarships. The scholarships were generously donated by the Friends of EHU.

Addressing recipients at the official awards ceremony, EHU Rector Prof. G. David Pollick noted that the scholarships “come from people, who believe in supporting you.  When you receive scholarships like these, it is a beginning in some ways.  So all I ask is that you do the best work you can and then some day help some other student with whatever you can.”

Recipients were selected based on academic performance, participation in EHU community activities, and extracurricular initiatives.  “I am so proud to be awarded with this particular scholarship, because I feel like I am making friends with the University, and hopefully this friendship will be for life,” says scholarship recipient Nastassia Yaromenka.

All the scholarships recipients are socially active and are planning to use their scholarships to implement various academic and social projects “The Friends of EHU scholarship will enable me to fulfill my goals and achieve my aims.  My dream is to develop an educational project for kids from my district or, at least, create a small playground where kids can gather, play, communicate, and socialize,” says awardee Alexandra Lazarenko. 

Another scholarship recipient, Mikita Lahunou, shared his plans for the near future: “I am involved in various cultural projects at EHU and the scholarship will help me to realize my creative ideas, for instance, to shoot various short films and produce a scientific video presentation.” 

“I’d like to combine two spheres of education (linguistics and art) in my future career and your generosity makes this possible. I hope that one day I will be able to pay back and assist other students to achieve their goals,” says Barbara Schuka, scholarship recipient from the low-residence program.

For many students, scholarships provide an opportunity to broaden their academic horizons by taking part in international conferences and seminars:  “Studying abroad is a real challenge for me and my parents. Summer law schools and workshops are pretty expensive. Therefore, the “Friends of EHU” scholarship gives me a unique opportunity to take part in international academic events, enrich my knowledge and get valuable professional experience,” pointed out Anastasiya Konovalova, a high residence program awardee.

The six scholarships recipients are:

  • Alexandra Lazarenko, Media and Communication: Visual Culture and Creative Industries, BA, 3rd year;
  • Anastasiya Konovalova, International Law and European Union Law, LLB, 3rd year;
  • Mikita Lahunou, Media and Communication: Visual Culture and Creative Industries, BA, 3rd year;
  • Nastassia Yaromenka, Media and Communication: Visual Culture and Creative Industries, BA, 3rd year;
  • Barbara Shchuka, Theory and Practice of Contemporary Art, BA, 3rd year;
  • Palina Skurko, Historical and Cultural Heritage, MA, 1st year.

We are also pleased to share with you recipients “Thank you” videos.

The European Humanities University and Scholarship recipients are very grateful to the Friends of EHU for their generosity and continued support.

Friends of EHU is an international charitable organization registered in the United States which unites individuals who wish to promote the values of liberal education and academic freedom in Belarus and the region.

For more information and ways to contribute, please visit the group's website.

“Thank you” video from scholarship recipient Alexandra Lazarenko
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