Scholars discuss transformation at EHU-Ifo conference in Dresden

Scholars discuss transformation at EHU-Ifo conference in Dresden

Transformation and economics scholars discussed the state of the field and cooperation at an EHU-Ifo Institute international conference called “Transformations in Middle and Eastern Europe“.

Creating a network of institutions that promote closer cooperation on transformation studies, lecturer exchanges, and the establishment of an economics program at EHU as part of EHU’s Transformation Studies Initiative were specific topics of discussion.

Participants included representatives of academic institutions and civil society organizations, including EHU’s German support organization, EHU Förderinitiative. Among them were Prof. Dr. Werner Patzelt of Dresden Technological University, Prof. Dr. Randall Filer from CERGE-EI at Charles University in Prague, Christian Ochsner from the Ifo Institute for Economic Research, Michael Bechter from the European Movement Saxony, Prof. Dr. Oleg Bresky and Dr. Olga Breskaya from the European Humanities University, and Dr. Maxim Asjoma of the EHU Förderinitiative.

The conference was organized by EHU Förderinitiative in partnership with Ifo-Institute for Economic Research, Dresden, and University of Technology Dresden. It was sponsored by the German State of Saxony and the European Movement Saxony.

Photo Credit: Bert Kaufmann

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