Prospective students visit EHUp

Prospective students visit EHU

Every October the European Humanities University (EHU) invites high school students and graduates to its Autumn Open Door Days. Dozens of prospective students took advantage of this opportunity this year, as well.

Open Door Days are a great opportunity to find out more about EHU, including entrance exams. Participants can even take trial entrance exams in essay writing, drawing, and foreign languages. Such exams allow prospective students to evaluate their own knowledge. If they score well, the results can even be counted as their entrance exam grade. If not, they still have time to prepare for two more opportunities to take the exams (during Spring Open Door Days or while applying to EHU).

A tour around the EHU campus allowed prospective students to see EHU facilities with their own eyes, including classrooms, the gym, the International Education and Career Advising Center, library, and other facilities.

Hanna Blizniuk, a prospective student from Minsk, said she likes the idea of attending EHU because it offers a European education: “It is the education that is impossible to get in Belarus, and this diploma is recognized in European countries, which will improve my future career opportunities.“

An EHU academic program exhibition included a wide range of activities: from detailed information about EHU‘s departments and programs from program coordinators to winning prizes in a quiz, getting postcards to send to friends, and tasting different national dishes prepared by students from Germany, Turkey, and Denmark who have come to study at EHU through the Erasmus+ student mobility program.

Some participants were busy choosing an academic program, others inquired about life in Vilnius, still others learned about scholarship opportunities. They had the opportunity to communicate directly not only with EHU program curators and EHU alumni, but also with EHU President Anatoli Mikhailov, Acting Rector David Pollick, and faculty members.

“Never before has the understanding of what skills and professions will be relevant in the nearest future been more important that nowadays. When I was a student everything was predetermined and the outlines were evident,” EHU President Anatoli Mikhailov told participants. “The educational system is now lagging behind the rapid transformation processes. This is the universal, global situation of the inadequacy of knowledge and university education, which has struck even the most prestigious institutions like Harvard, Berkley, Cambridge or Oxford. The world is on the verge of understanding that knowledge is not enough to equip those coming to a university and who are going to live in this very dynamic reality.

The most frequently asked questions concerned lowest passing scores and exams. A high academic rating means considerable tuition fee discounts and even study free of charge. Besides that, an applicant’s social activity, involvement, initiative, and research are also taken into account. While talking to prospective students, the EHU administration more than once emphasized the importance of independent student activities. EHU challenges students to be self-motivated, creative, and critical thinkers.

Yauheni Zahorski, a prospective student from Minsk, learned about EHU from his mother: “Three years ago my mom brought me an EHU brochure. Being a creative person, I chose the media and communication program at once. And the European Humanities University is my first choice.”

Krystsina Hrynevich from the Brest region learned about the University from senior students at her high school: “I was wondering where they are going to apply and what their ambitions are. I have a dream to study abroad and it inspires me. I am choosing the visual design and media program”.

According to Head of Student Recruitment Maksimas Milta (EHU Class of 2013), Autumn is the time when students who are going to graduate from high school and their parents start discussing the next step.

“When it comes down to making a decision, we see the greatest activity in March,” he notes. Milta says he expects even more participants in EHU’s Spring Open Door Days.

For more information on EHU’s Open Door Days and how to apply, click here (in Russian).

Zhanar Sekerbayeva

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