Online platform for Belarusian public debates debuts

Online platform for Belarusian public debates debuts

The European Humanities University is pleased to announce its participation in the launch of a new online platform called ePramova. ePramova is designed to encourage Belarusian citizens to become more actively involved in raising and discussing public issues that are important to them.

The ePramova platform allows users to pose questions for political parties, political leaders, and civic organizations to answer. Filmed responses can be uploaded online.

ePramova allows users to experience a full spectrum of views and ideas. It will serve as a forum for political leaders, political parties, and civic organizations to express their positions in a structured way. Viewers can play an active role in the discussions by asking questions and joining the conversation in the comments section. Video responses can be rated by users, as well.

Discussions on ePramova are grouped into five major topic areas: Social Issues, Economics, Culture, Politics, and International Relations. It is hoped that the platform will not only benefit Belarusian society, but will also serve as a useful tool for NGOs, the media, scholars, and other experts.

The videos are filmed by EHU Mediahub—EHU’s state-of-the-art instructional multimedia studio that was established with the support of the European Commission. EHU Mediahub offers opportunities for students to be trained in the use of modern communications media.

To contact the ePramova team with questions and suggestions send an email to pramova @

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