One in two EHU graduates and 2/3 of current students live in Belarus

One in two EHU graduates and 2/3 of current students live in Belarus

A recently completed survey of the European Humanities University's (EHU) Class of 2011 indicates about half reside in Belarus after completing their education at EHU.

Forty-nine percent of 2011 graduates (103 out of 210) report they are living in Belarus. Eighteen percent say they are in Lithuania, and another 18%—in a third country.

The responses mirror a trend indicated by surveys of EHU's Classes of 2009 and 2010. Forty-nine percent of EHU students surveyed after graduation in 2010 said they reside in Belarus; in 2009, 40% said the same. About 15% of both groups said they were living in Lithuania after graduation and about 19% indicated a third country. The response rate in 2009 was lower (71%) than the response rate to surveys in 2010 and 2011 (more than 85%).

Two-thirds of currently enrolled EHU students reside in Belarus, taking advantage of EHU's online course offerings. About 700 students reside in Vilnius, Lithuania, attending classes on campus.

The European Humanities University is a private, non-profit liberal arts university founded in Minsk in 1992. Celebrating its 20th anniversary this year, the university has been headquartered in Vilnius, Lithuania since authorities expelled it from Belarus in 2004. It serves more than 1,800 mostly Belarusian students, offering both online and on-campus undergraduate and graduate degree programs and promoting research in the humanities and social sciences.

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