On recent decisions of the General Assembly of Part-Owners

On recent decisions of the General Assembly of Part-Owners

General Assembly of Part-Owners (GAPO) of the European Humanities University (EHU) takes decision to implement recommendations of ensuring efficiency of EHU’s management and governance systems.

Within last months audit of the management and governance systems took place at EHU, as commissioned by the Swedish International Development Cooperation Agency, with a purpose of ensuring efficiency of EHU’s Governing Board operations.

As a result of the audit, University’s GAPO received recommendations for further directions of reforming membership and ensuring efficiency of EHU Governing Board’s operations within the framework of current Statutes of the University.

In its meeting on July 6, EHU GAPO took a decision on renewing membership of the Governing Board, as in accordance with article 6.10 of the University Statutes.

Currently GAPO has identified the candidates, who will be invited to join the new composition of the Governing Board.

General Assembly of Part-Owners is the highest collegial body of the University management. EHU's General Assembly of Part-Owners brings together organizations that reestablished EHU in Lithuania after its closure in Minsk. These include Open Society Foundations (United States), and Eurasia Foundation (United States) and Institute for International Education (Lithuania).

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