Official statement on the status of international financial support of EHU

Official statement on the status of international financial support of EHU

European Humanities University (EHU) wishes to issue the following clarifying note regarding Nordic Council of Ministers (NCM) statement of May 11.

EHU would like to express its appreciation for the direct financial support which has been provided by its many donors, including NCM, in order to provide tuition fee waivers and stipends for Belarusian students studying in the fields of the humanities and social sciences. As with all of the University’s individual donors, it is common that each must determine its own funding priorities in any given year, based on the current political and economic challenges they are called to serve. EHU fully appreciates the urgency of the demands brought on by the immigration crisis in Europe and NCM’s recent decision to respond. As a single donor among many, fortunately NCM’s financial assistance is separate from the donations EHU receives from the individual governments of Nordic countries (i.e. Sweden, Finland, Denmark and others). EHU is wholeheartedly looking forward to seeing NCM once again return to its family of donors in the near future.

Apart from the direct financial support provided by NCM, as well as individual Nordic countries, EHU is grateful to be supported by a number of Euro-Atlantic teams of financial donors, including the European Commission, governments across Western, Central, Northern Europe and Northern America, agencies and foundations, like Swedish International Development Cooperation Agency, among others who continue as strong supporters of EHU.

EHU remains committed to its initial mission of strengthening Belarus’ presence on the political, educational and cultural maps of Europe and Western world. For this reason and in order to recognize the challenges of the severe economic downturn in today's Belarus, EHU’s Admissions Campaign for 2016 is even more open and affordable for prospective students from Belarus, ensuring the presence of tuition-free places in all undergraduate and graduate programs, as well as decreasing the maximum annual tuition fee for undergraduate high residence degree studies for Belarusian citizens from 2500 to 2000 Eur.

Undergraduate admissions deadline: June 18

Graduate admissions deadline: July 7.

Co-financed by:European Commission