Official statement on BNS news article

Official statement on BNS news article

European Humanities University (EHU) finds it necessary to issue the following statement regarding Baltic News Service's (BNS) March 10th article "Donors discuss prospects of support to Belarusian university in Vilnius".

It is truly saddening to see BNS's article featuring the comments by EHU's former Vice Rector for Development, Darius Udrys, particularly since it was released without any prior discussion with EHU. As everyone knows, the loss of one's position can be traumatic and challenging for an employee. It frequently leads to imprudent and thoughtless reactions such as these.

In May 2015 EHU determined that it was necessary to part with D. Udrys, under confidential conditions which were mutually agreed. What now needs to be said is only that the areas of Communications and Fundraising are critical to any university's well-being and, based upon his financial results (a matter of public report), the Board and University leadership determined that a change in personnel was timely.

Beyond his breach of the legal understanding agreed between us and regretfully forgotten by him, has been the wise and noble adage, "How you choose to depart a position is more important than how you arrive".

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