New stage of cooperation between EHU and Vytautas Magnus University

New stage of cooperation between EHU and Vytautas Magnus University

On February 10 European Humanities University (EHU) and Vytautas Magnus University (VMU) signed a long-term strategic partnership agreement, aiming at enhancement of cooperation between two universities.

During an official ceremony in Kaunas EHU Rector Prof. David Pollick and VMU Rector Prof. Juozas Augutis endorsed Long-term Cooperation Agreement in order to foster implementation of educational initiative within the undergraduate program in World Politics and Economy. Signing of the Agreement illustrates a joint EHU and VMU effort in strengthening quality of humanities and and social sciences education, implemented within the liberal arts paradigm.

According to the Agreement, “World Politics and Economy” students of EHU and VMU will be able to proceed with joint-degree program studies, hence standing as the first example of joint double degree program in Lithuania. Upon successful completion of the harmonized curriculum of both universities, graduates of the “World Politics and Economy” will receive Bachelor’s degree in Political Science with a minor in Economics from both EHU and VMU.

“Since the University's re-establishment in Vilnius 10 years ago, EHU has maintained active contacts with our Lithuanian counterparts, including Vytautas Magnus University. By signing this agreement we go a step further in deepening our professional contacts with  our colleague partners from Kaunas - this will ensure an even better academic environment for students of both Universities, strengthening our ties within the joint-degree undergraduate program in World Politics and Economy and enhance our common effort of promoting liberal arts education” - told EHU Rector Prof. D. Pollick.

Besides cooperation within “World Politics and Economy”, back in 2011 EHU, VMU and Lithuanian Institute of Cultural Studies launched a joint doctoral program in Philosophy. Additionally EHU and VMU are the only Lithuania-based members of the European University Foundation - Campus Europae student mobility network, founded in 1999.

VMU was founded in Kaunas in 1922 as the University of Lithuania and was later re-named into VMU in 1930. In 1950 VMU was re-organized and shut down by the Soviet regime. Thanks to the consolidated effort of the Lithuanian diaspora, VMU was re-established in 1989. Currently there are over 8000 students in the university.

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