New Senate leadership elected

New Senate leadership elected

Professor Emeritus Ryhor Miniankou and Professor Almira Ousmanova were elected as Chair and Vice-Chair respectively of EHU's Senate on November 5. According to EHU’s updated Statute, members of the Senate include the Vice-Rector for Academic Affairs, all faculty on employment contracts of at least 27 hours per week, and five student representatives.

The Senate is responsible for assessing research results and the level of the University's scientific and artistic activities, internal quality assurance, determining procedures for admission to study programs, qualification requirements for teaching and academic staff positions, establishing rules for awarding the title of Professor Emeritus, suggesting candidates for honorary titles of the University, and preparing the Code of Academic Ethics and Teaching and Learning Regulations for approval by the University Council.

The Senate formed four committees with responsibilities for different obligations of the Senate: an Academic Policies, Standards, and Assessment Committee; Curriculum Committee; Faculty Development and Research Committee; and an Academic Planning and Admissions Committee.

In total, EHU's Senate has 60 members. Student interests are represented by students selected at the recent conference of the EHU Student Union: Alina Strelkovskaia, Dzianis Kuchynski, Mikita Matsiushchankau, Maryia Sliaptsova, and Elisey Gramotnev.

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