New issue of Topos journal

New issue of Topos journal

European Humanities University’s (EHU) Center for Philosophical Anthropology introduces the latest issue of the journal for philosophy and cultural studies Topos (#1, 2015). Issue’s topic: “Sharing Experience: Norms, Values, Interactions”.

Journal’s issue is based on the international PhD students conference Sharing Experience: Norms, Values, and  Interactions, held in Vilnius in October 2014. The full issue can be accessed online.

The questions of social interaction, production of sense, identity formation and experience of subjectivisation are analyzed through various theoretical perspectives and multiple practical contexts. The issue focuses on the phenomenon of “sharing” and the importance of understanding modern forms, methods and modalities of sharing experience.

Besides conference abstracts, the latest Topos issue includes articles, once again emphasizing the dramatic antonymy of the word “to share” in post-Soviet societies and revealing problematics of what we share and how we share.

Topos journal is issued since 2000 and is listed in The Philosopher's Index.

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