New EHU student representatives electedp

New EHU student representatives elected

General Assembly of the European Humanities University Students’ Union (EHU SU) took place on October 28. One of the most important events of university life gathered over 100 students together for more than 5 hours.

After adopting the agenda, EHU SU President Dzianis Kuchynski presented all activities and achievements of the EHU SU that took place within the Academic Year 2014-2015. Annual reports were also presented by the Revision commission and the Commission on resolving disputes with students. EHU SU Statutes were adopted by majority of votes.

There were three candidates running for the EHU SU President: Yana Liashkovich (graduate program “Historical and Cultural Heritage”), Mikita Lahunou (undergraduate program “Media and Communication”) and Dzianis Kuchynski (undergraduate program “Cultural Heritage”). As a result, current EHU SU President Dzianis Kuchynski was re-elected with a support of over 80% of student delegates.

After introduction speeches by candidates for the EHU SU Council following members were elected: Hanna Filistovich, Irina Cherepanova, Ksenia Gadzetskaya, Anna Stserina, Julia Batura and Sviatlana Aleinikava. Additionally, student members of the EHU Senate were elected: Ihnat Nakonechny, Maria Katsupalova, Olga Naskovich, Anna Martinovich and Dzianis Kuchynski (ex officio). Finally, General Assembly voted upon members of the EHU SU Revision commission and the Commission on resolving disputes with students. After closing the meeting of the General Assembly at 10 pm, new members of the EHU SU Council began their work immediately.

It is already known that the EHU SU Council is planning an extension. The first step is creating committees responsible for different fields of EHU SU activities: the Committee on International Relations, the Committee on Cultural Projects, the Committee on Public Relations, the Committee on Media and Design, and the Committee on the Low-residence Department. The Committees will be formed by associate members under supervision of the Council’s representatives. As a result, the number of students involved in self-government will increase and the structure of EHU SU will improve.

Source: EHU Students’ Union


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