MEP hopes to see EHU grads take his placep

MEP hopes to see EHU grads take his place

Addressing the Class of 2014 at its graduation ceremony, Member of the European Parliament Petras Auštrevičius expressed the hope that one day he will see some of them representing Belarus in the European Parliament.

“I hope you will lead Belarusian society and your country into a new future,“ Auštrevičius told graduates, “and that you will replace me and others in the European Parliament.”

Auštrevičius encouraged students not to be afraid to be active citizens, and to work for a more European future for Belarus.

One hundred ninety-two European Humanities University students, including 15 graduate students, received their diplomas on July 11. The vast majority of them hail from Belarus, where EHU was established in 1992 and operated until it was forced into exile in 2004.

EHU Founding Rector Anatoli Mikhailov reminded students that their education is never complete.

“The dynamics of modern global processes overturn the traditional idea of the existence of fixed and complete knowledge. But that is what makes your professions attractive. It inspires creativity and continuous improvement,” noted Mikhailov.

During the ceremony, Uladzislau Androsau (Master, Cultural Heritage, 2012) was presented with this year’s Distinguished Alumni Award. Androsau is the founder of Med Travel Belarus and Elite Med—Belarusian medical tourism companies.

Nearly 1,500 students are currently studying at the European Humanities University: more than 90% are Belarusians.

Since its founding, more than 2,200 alumni have graduated from EHU.

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