Majority of EHU alumni have jobs and reside in Belarus

Majority of EHU alumni have jobs and reside in Belarus

More than 60% of EHU alumni reside in Belarus and the vast majority have jobs. These and other data on EHU alumni were gleaned from EHU’s recently completed first-ever all-alumni survey.

According to the results, more than 90% of EHU alumni are employed and a vast majority agree that EHU helped prepare them to succeed. About half of all EHU alumni work in the private sector, including independent media, nonprofit organizations, and private companies. Nineteen percent say they own their own businesses, meanwhile 11% work for Belarusian state institutions.

“Education at EHU gave me, first of all, the possibility and will for independent thinking, the tools for critical thinking, and social and cultural analysis,” notes Aliaksandra Ihnatovich, who was recently named Distinguished EHU Alumna for 2013. “Besides, study at EHU’s media programs became a solid foundation for my filmmaking and project activities. And what is really important: EHU gave me a strong sense of community and a supportive network all over the world.”

This was the first all-alumni survey carried out by EHU. All alumni who graduated since the University’s founding in Minsk, Belarus in 1992 were invited to participate. The survey response rate was 47% of active alumni (289 respondents out of 611 alumni with whom EHU is in contact).

Nearly 70% of respondents say EHU inspired them to be more active citizens and more than 70% say EHU inspired them to value their Belarusian heritage. A large majority of indicated that they like to stay in touch with their classmates and would like to join local EHU alumni clubs.

EHU launched its current alumni outreach campaign in 2011. According to Alumni Relations Coordinator Andrei Khrapavitski (BA Political Science and European Studies, 2010), since then EHU has held several alumni get-togethers in cities as far away as New York and as close as St. Petersburg. Two alumni reunions were held in Minsk and two all-alumni homecomings have been held in Vilnius.

EHU alumni are also active in the newly-established Global Belarusian Leaders network, which aims to unite Belarusian professionals around the globe.

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