MA Class of 2014 receives diplomasp

MA Class of 2014 receives diplomas

29 EHU students received their Master’s degrees at a graduation ceremony that took place on EHU’s campus. EHU Founding Rector Anatoli Mikhailov saluted the new alumni, pointing out that EHU exists first and foremost to serve students and alumni.

“I urge all of you to stay in touch with your alma mater after graduation,” said Mikhailov. “I hope that EHU will remain a place with which you will stay in touch. Let us continue on our common cause.”

EHU Provost David Pollick congratulated the graduates, as well.

“In my 40 years as an academic, I’ve had more ceremonies than I can even name….But I can tell you truthfully – not one ceremony, not one commencement is more important than this one, because when we leave our universities and our colleges around the world, we go and do important work. But you must do profound work. That’s why you’re here. And you have a mission just like this university does. And in that mission, I wish you well,” said EHU’s new provost.

A survey that was conducted at the ceremony showed that 68% of new graduates now plan to return to Belarus. A majority of graduates expressed their intention to stay in touch with EHU and to participate in EHU’s Alumni Association.

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