Liv Ullmann: EHU is a cornerstone of democracy and freedom of speech p

Liv Ullmann: EHU is a cornerstone of democracy and freedom of speech

Famous Norwegian actress and film director Liv Ullmann visited EHU campus where she met with the students and the leadership of the university.

"The European Humanities University in Vilnius represents something very European: a cornerstone of democracy and freedom of speech...[and] education in a free and democratic environment—not just through theory and books, but through practical experience.”


Over a dozen students, university staff members as well as representatives of the Norwegian embassy and Norwegian Film Institute met with the actress in a cozy round-table discussion. They talked about students' reasons for coming to EHU, opportunities they have, and determination to pursue one's dreams.


“Our university sees us as future decision makers who could influence the situation, produce knowledge, make decisions. Universities in Belarus do not see their students this way,” EHU student Alexandra Logvinova told Ullmann when asked why she chose to study at EHU.


“[Before leaving Belarus] we didn’t know our potential and EHU is pushing us in the right way. I feel changes myself. I’ve only been here for two years but I have already become more open minded,“ added another student Aliaksandra Krypets.


EHU’s Founding Rector Anatoli Mikhailov emphasized that the university strives to provide practical experience to its students.


“We are thinking how to make humanities education closer to people. We understand that as a university we need to find a way to help students navigate in their difficult lives not through theory and books but through practical experience.”


When asked for advice on life, Ullmann told students that the most important thing is to be an empathetic human being.


“We are alive because we have the same heartbeat. Do not look at anyone as the “other”, as someone who does not concern me. So much today prevents us from being close to other people.”


After the meeting with the students, Ullmann took part in the EHU’s Public Conversation on Freedom of Speech organized in partnerhsip with Scanorama film forum.


Liv Ullmann’s visit to EHU and a Public Conversation was supported by Novotel Vilnius Centre, the Embassy of Norway in Lithuania, Norwegian Film Institute, and European Film Forum Scanorama.

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