Lithuania’s FM Linkevičius visited future campus of EHUp

Lithuania’s FM Linkevičius visited future campus of EHU

On August 24 European Humanities University‘s (EHU) President Prof. Anatoli Mikhailov, Lithuania‘s Foreign Minister Linas Linkevičius and Chancellor of Lithuania‘s Ministry of Education and Science Tomas Daukantas visited Vilnius Augustinian monastery, where University campus is expected to be moved already upcoming academic year.

Lithuania supports EHU, starting from University’s re-establishment in Vilnius back in 2005, when as a result of oppression by Belarusian authorities EHU was forced to cease its operations in Minsk and became Europe’s only University-in-exile. During 2009 EHU International Donors Conference Lithuania’s Government committed to provide EHU with a campus in Vilnius UNESCO World Heritage-listed Old Town’s Augustinian monastery. Currently EHU is community is placed in different locations throughout Lithuania’s capital.

“I am pleased to see Augustinian monastery reconstruction to reach its final track and adopted for EHU needs, thanks to the support provided by Ministry of Education and Science. This demonstrates Lithuania‘s overwhelming support to this unique international Project. When located in Vilnius Old Town, University will continue our historical tradition of ensuring Vilnius‘ role academic centre of entire region, where youth from Belarus and further East will get education, based on European values”, - tells Foreign Minister Linkevičius

According to EHU President Mikhailov: “It is hard to overestimate opportunities that open up in front of our university, when located in this unique place of Vilnius’ Old Town. I am sure this will additionally foster EHU’s development”.

This year EHU celebrates its 10th anniversary in Lithuania. On March 10 Lithuania’s Ministry of Foreign Affairs and European Commission organized a joint high level EHU Donors Conference in Vilnius. International donors of EHU discussed University’s vision and plans to enhance quality of education and once again stressed own commitment to the project that supports democratic Belarusian civil society and strengthens Belarus’ ties with Europe. University is supported by European Commission, Nordic countries and European Union member states, private foundations across the United States and Europe. EHU remains as one of priority choices for Belarusian youth – among 264 students admitted to Bachelor’s and Master’s programs, 230 are Belarusians.

Article is based on Lithuania’s Ministry of Foreign Affairs media release.

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