German Ambassador: EHU's German Studies Center expands links between Germany and EHU p

German Ambassador: EHU's German Studies Center expands links between Germany and EHU

EHU’s Center for German Studies held a vernissage at which works of a Berlin-based artist Oxana Gourinovich were presented. Germany's Ambassador to Lithuania H.E. Matthias Mülmenstädt expressed his hope that the Center will strengthen the long-standing cooperation between Germany and EHU, which includes Deutscher Akademischer Austausch Dienst (DAAD) funding for a lecturer in German Studies.

Two of artist Oxana Gourinovich’s works were exhibited–one representing the emigration of Belarusian artists and the other representing return migration.
“I was very surprised that the graphic works received so much attention and interest from audiences," said Gourinovich, whose introduction to the works was shown live via webcast. "It started as a fun exercise when I was trying to keep track of where my artist friends had gone and then it expanded into a much bigger project.”
The works, which have already been exhibited in Poland, Latvia, Belarus, and other countries, show the cities to which artists from Belarus have emigrated and cities from which they have returned.
“Reestablishing the Center for German Studies that existed when EHU was based in Minsk has always been a dream of mine," said EHU’s Rector Anatoli Mikhailov. "Presenting the German intellectual tradition is important for EHU, and now we have a team, academic programs, and a community that will maintain these traditions.”

The Center for German Studies is currently running a program Colloquium Vilnensis which invites academics to discuss the topic of shared and contested spaces, and a German Language Certificate Program.

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