Exhibition: 20th Anniversary of the “Topos” Center for Philosophical Anthropology

Exhibition: 20th Anniversary of the “Topos” Center for Philosophical Anthropology

Library of the European Humanities University (EHU) hosts the exhibition dedicated to the 20th anniversary of the EHU “Topos” Center for Philosophical Anthropology. The exhibition is open till February 16.

“Topos” Center for Philosophical Anthropology was established in 1996 and celebrated its 20th anniversary in 2016. The exhibition hosted by the University Library will launch a series of events dedicated to the Center’s 20th Anniversary.

The current research work of the Center is grounded in the tradition of phenomenology and stipulates interdisciplinary interaction with other social sciences and humanities, namely psychology, pedagogy, social and cultural anthropology, sociology, and others. These are implemented in the following three major areas: asymmetry in the intersubjective relations; philosophical and ethical problems of biotechnological development; philosophical foundations of psychotherapy.

Since 2000 the Center publishes the “Topos” journal for philosophy and cultural studies (listed in the Philosopher’s Index). Additionnaly “Conditio humana” book series was launched in 2002  (9 translations and monographs are already issued). The Center is the organizer of various interdisciplinary research seminars and conferences.

EHU Department of Social and Political Sciences Prof. Tatiana Shchyttsova is Director of the “Topos” Center for Philosophical Anthropology.

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