European Union increases support to EHU and Belarus

European Union increases support to EHU and Belarus

European External Action Service informs about European Union (EU) to double its financial assistance for the support of civic institutes and private sector in Belarus, including support to operations of the European Humanities University (EHU) in Vilnius.

In 2016 EU will provide €29 mln of bilateral assistance to Belarus, aiming at implementation of reforms and additional support in areas of regional development and enhancement of private sector.

Among EU key funding priorities in relation to Belarus in 2014-2017 is ensuring social inclusiveness and supporting democratic development of Belarus, hence €2 mln of European Neighborhood Instrument will be provided to support EHU in Vilnius.

Soon after EHU was brutally closed by Belarusian authorities in Minsk, European Commission became one of University’s key donors. During 10 years of EHU operations in Vilnius, 1953 young people became EHU graduates, most of them returned to their Homeland — Belarus — soon after graduation.

Article is based on European External Action Service media release.

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