EHU Undergraduate Admissions up by 30%

EHU Undergraduate Admissions up by 30%

European Humanities University (EHU) has completed the first stage of Admission campaign 2016. The preliminary results demonstrate a steady growth of interest towards EHU study programs and a significant rise of EHU propsective students’ academic background.

During Admission campaign 2016 EHU has received 251 application in total for undergraduate programs, which is 30% more than in 2015. Visual Design and Media (74 students), Media and Communication (72 students) and International Law and European Union Law (51 student) are amongst the most popular choices of the prospective students. The majority of prospective students are citizens or permanent residents of Belarus. EHU also warmly welcomes a considerable increase of applications from foreign students – 10% of all undergraduate applications come from Ukraine, Lithuania, Russia, Kazakhstan and Turkmenistan.

Starting from October undergraduate students will be introduced to the recently approved concept of the Core Curriculum, which will include a profound study of foreign languages and will provide fundamental knowledge in the field of Humanities, based on the educational tradition of liberal arts.

EHU Admission campaign 2016 is distinctive due to an increase of the ranking GPA of graduate applicants and the quality of their research projects. Ranking GPA is not limited to determine conditions of the allocation of financial support to Belarusians students, but also reveals the level of academic background of prospective students. This year the average ranking GPA for Master’s studies is 8.77, while the average evaluation of their research projects is 8.75.

According to EHU President Prof. Anatoli Mikhailov: “Results of the EHU Admissions campaign 2016 demonstrate a stable interest towards our project in Belarus and in the region, it also indicates the higher quality of EHU prospective students’ academic background. We consider it as the further strengthening of EHU’s mission, which focuses on promoting the skills of creative thinking and shaping civil society in Belarus and Eastern Europe. During 10 years of EHU’s operations in Vilnius, around 2000 students have graduated from the University. Tangible increase of the number of prospective students is the best evidence of EHU’s relevance and accessibility”.

EHU’s mission is directly linked to the future of Belarus and aims to provide the most appropriate set of skills for the future Belarusian leaders. For this reason, starting July 25 until August 11 EHU announces additional Admissions to high- and low residence undergraduate programs Media and Communication, International Law and European Union Law, World Politics and Economics and low-residence program Cultural Heritage and Tourism; and graduate programs Cultural Studies, Public Policy, International Law and European Union Law. Simultaneously EHU is opened for students, willing to transfer from other universities.

Admissions to the EHU Foundation year program in Vilnius and Minsk take place until September 9.

Admissions to EHU PhD program in Philosophy continue until September 26.

New Academic year at EHU starts on October 3.

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