EHU students visit office of the Speaker of the US House of Representativesp

EHU students visit office of the Speaker of the US House of Representatives

European Humanities University (EHU) students met with Cynthia A. Herrle, Assistant to the Speaker of the US House of Representatives John Boehner for Policy during their week-long visit to the United States. They discussed their experience of education in Belarus, their reasons for choosing EHU, and their future plans.

When asked why they chose EHU and not a university in Belarus, they said they felt EHU provides the best opportunities and the greatest freedom for personal growth and development—something they felt was hardly possible in Belarusian universities.

“Education in Belarus is completely different. There are no discussions in the classrooms; you just have to write everything down and then repeat the same information at tests. Lectures are full of ideology,” said Karyna Bobryk, a fourth-year undergraduate student in EHU's International and European Law Program.

Four EHU students visited the United States as part of a year-long celebration of the 20th anniversary of EHU's founding. Special commemorative events in Washington, DC and New York featured discussions with EHU students and faculty, bringing together friends and supporters of the University.

The European Humanities University is a private, non-profit liberal arts university founded in Minsk in 1992. With the active support of the international community, including the United States government as well as major US foundations, EHU relocated to Vilnius after it was forcibly closed in Belarus in 2004. Currently, more than 1,800 students are enrolled in EHU. Most of them are from Belarus.

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