EHU students at largest regional debate tournament

EHU students at largest regional debate tournament

First-year undergraduate International Law students Rammi Dgham and Bruno Tanda-Pietro, together with their coach Gedmine Bubnyte, participated in the international student debate tournament “Estonian Open 2014,” April 11–13 at the Tallinn University of Technology (Estonia). It was the first time an EHU team has competed at such a multinational event.

“Debating improves your language, public speaking, and critical thinking skills. But most importantly, it helps you grow as a person, whether it’s by helping you become more persuasive or by learning more about economics and other areas,” says Dgham.

Teams from Institut d'études politiques de Paris (France), Helsinki University (Finland), and the University of Aberdeen (UK), among others, competed in the tournament, which attracted 68 teams from across Europe.

Students debated topics ranging from prenuptial agreements and performance-enhancing substances for athletes to quotas for women on boards of directors, the gay rights movement, and even the creation of killer robots.

The tournament was held in the British parliamentary debate format, wherein motions are announced fifteen minutes before the debate and speakers present eight-minute arguments in defense of or against the position.

EHU's team placed 44th in the final ranking.

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