EHU rises to second among six private universities in Lithuania

EHU rises to second among six private universities in Lithuania

The European Humanities University (EHU) is ranked second among six private Lithuanian universities. This rating was announced by the Lithuanian publication Reitingai, which annually ranks Lithuanian universities and colleges.

This year, EHU was recognized as the best private university in Lithuania in the academic staff category. Both the large number of young faculty members and the large number of faculty members with PhDs, as well as the low student-faculty ratio, contributed to the high rating. The university also received high marks in the alumni professional success and employers' assessment and competitiveness in the international educational space categories.

EHU shares second place with LCC International University. As was the case last year, the first place among private universities goes to ISM Management and Economics University.

“I’m pleased to see that the European Humanities University does not lag behind other Lithuanian universities,” said EHU Vice-Rector for Development and Communications Darius Udrys. “In Belarus, our university was one of the best, but it underwent many hardships after moving to Lithuania due to the lack of academic freedom at home. We are still experiencing the consequences,” he added.

EHU was founded in Minsk in 1992, but Belarusian authorities shut it down in 2004. It subsequently relocated to Vilnius and has been registered as a Lithuanian institution of higher education for 10 years. It serves mostly Belarusian students.

This is the third year that EHU has participated in Lithuania’s national university rankings.

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