EHU lecturers present first feminist documentary and "Gender Literacy Basics" toolkit

EHU lecturers present first feminist documentary and "Gender Literacy Basics" toolkit

EHU lecturers Nadzeya Husakouskaya, Volha Sasunkevich, and Alena Minchenia, together with other experts of the "Development of Gender Sensitivity in Belarus" project, presented Gender Literacy Basics toolkit and the film "The Dress", the first feminist documentary in Belarus.

The "Gender Literacy Basics" toolkit, edited by experts Alena Minchenia and Volha Sasunkevich, is a brochure aimed at facilitating the study of gender issues.

"This brochure is unique: it was not the experts who authored the texts, but ordinary women from different backgrounds with an active stance. The format of the toolkit is unique as well–each topic contains a theoretical part and a glossary," said Minchenia.

Volha Sasunkevich adds that the toolkit can also be adapted and used for interactive group work on gender issues.

"The Dress", a collaborative effort of several authors, features five stories, each told by a different woman narrator. The project was coordinated by Natallia Holava and EHU alumna and director of EHU’s LitPro project Aliaksandra Ihnatovich.

"The Dress" is an attempt to create a platform for autonomous feminist expression and open discussion with the audience and the authors. The heroines, just like the authors of the film, are women from various Belarusian cities; are of different age, relationship status, professional, and educational backgrounds; and maintain differing worldviews. "In what ways do they resemble (or differ from) each and every member of the audience–male or female-–that is the most interesting question," says Inhatovich.

The "Development of Gender Sensitivity in Belarus" project was carried out in 2011-2012 by the European Humanities University’s Center for Gender Studies in cooperation with a number of organizations, and was aimed at promoting and enhancing gender awareness and gender sensitivity across Belarusian society to foster genuine gender equality and respect for women's rights in Belarus.

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