EHU lecturer defends PhD in Poland

EHU lecturer defends PhD in Poland

Cultural anthropologist and European Humanities University (EHU) lecturer, Stsiapan Stureika, has successfully defended his PhD dissertation at the Institute of Ethnology and Cultural Anthropology at Jagellonian University (Krakow, Poland).

The dissertation Family and Social Traditions of the Afghans in Belarus (End of the 20th—Beginning of the 21st Century) is a continuation of an extended research project on Afghans living in Belarus.

“It's a small but unique community and pretty self-contained so my work is pioneer anthropological research. It deals with the problem of integration of Muslims into a Christian society, changing one’s identity, and ways of performing cultural traditions,” Stureika explains.

“I am really proud to receive a degree from a European university founded in the Middle Ages and one of the most important academic environments in the region today,” he adds.

Stsiapan Stureika has been lecturing at EHU since 2008. His courses include “Basics of Museology”, “Introduction to Cultural Anthropology”, “Tour-Operating”, “Immovable Heritage: Theories, Use, and Development”, and “The Social Geography of Tourism”.

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