EHU launches first alumni scholarship for students

EHU launches first alumni scholarship for students

The European Humanities University (EHU) is proud to announce a competition for the first EHU Alumni Scholarship. The scholarship was initiated to support current active undergraduate students and foster closer links between EHU students and alumni. The scholarship encourages social engagement and will be awarded to those students who demonstrate a high level of academic achievement as well as involvement in extracurricular activities.

“We are very pleased that the scholarship was made possible by EHU alumni in Belarus and abroad. EHU is the only Belarusian university that is developing relations with its alumni, and this is a great example of how alumni can support current students in their path to obtaining education in a free environment,” said Andrei Khrapavitski, who is alumni relations coordinator at EHU (BA Political Science and European Studies, 2010).

The scholarship is funded by voluntary donations from EHU alumni. A scholarship of 3217.46 Litas (nearly 1,000 EUR) will be awarded to one candidate this academic year.

Who can apply?

EHU students who have successfully finished one year of undergraduate study are eligible. High and low residence undergraduate students are all welcome to apply.

How to apply?

Applicants must submit the following documents in either Belarusian or Russian by November 26, 2012:

1) A confirmation of academic achievements from EHU's Academic Department, signed by the dean of the School of Undergraduate Studies. It should specify applicant's academic rating (ranking) and list academic achievements (grants, awards, scholarships received, places taken in competitions, diplomas, certificates awarded). Applicants are also encouraged to attach copies of relevant certificates and diplomas they may have.

2) A letter of recommendation from Student Service or Student Union that describes applicant's social engagement.  

3) A letter of recommendation from the head of applicant's academic department.

4) A letter of recommendation from at least one EHU Alumni Scholarship donor (the list of donors can be found here).

Applications should be sent to alumni e-mail or left with Tatsiana Babich at the Student Service (Room 104а, Valakupiu g. 5, Vilnius).

Questions concerning the scholarship should be addressed to alumni e-mail. Please visit EHU’s alumni webpage for more information.

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