EHU graduate is one of a handful of experts in space law

EHU graduate is one of a handful of experts in space law

Like many young people, Belarusian Artiom Anisimov wanted to become a cosmonaut. While growing up, many abandon this dream, but Anisimov was determined to do everything to make his dream a reality.

After completing studies at the European Humanities University (EHU) in Lithuania, Anisimov entered the Space, Cyber and Telecommunications Law Programme at the University of Nebraska-Lincoln in the United States, the only such programme in the world.

Today, Anisimov is one of around 50 people around the world with an education in space law. He is one of the two representatives of the Space Generation Advisory Council at the United Nations. He also works at NewSpace Global–an information services provider that brings timely, accurate and critical information regarding the commercial space sector to the financial industry. Anisimov is the founder of various social networks for discussing the issues of space law and development in space, and the leader of the EHU alumni club in North America.

Anisimov tells how he managed to become one of a handful of specialists in space law.

"After graduating from school, I opted for international law studies. The EHU had the best reputation of all Belarusian universities, and it was recommended to me by my friends. I decided to write my LLB thesis on space law. Many people smiled when they heard the topic I chose, but despite initial scepticism, lecturers helped me to prepare my thesis."

Anisimov continued, "I will remain forever grateful to my lecturers for supporting my decision and for an opportunity to investigate this area more deeply. I would not have had such an opportunity in Belarus."

As a student, Anisimov tried to participate wherever he could and take advantage of every opportunity to develop his skills and meet new people.

"At EHU, I would attend meetings with all the foreign guests, I became involved in the student union activities, and we became the seventeenth best team in the world for the simulation of a fictional legal dispute at the Philip C. Jessup International Law Moot Court Competition in the US."

After the completion of his studies in Lithuania, Anisimov entered the University of Nebraska.

"Each year, eight to ten students graduate from the Space, Cyber, and Telecommunications Law Programme. I am the second generation of graduates from this program. I was the only student from outside the US and, as far as I know, the only graduate of such studies from the post-Soviet countries."

After graduating, Anisimov passed the New York state bar examination. As representative of the Space Generation Advisory Council at the UN Economic and Social Council, Anisimov currently participates in the meetings of the UN General Assembly, prepares replies to various inquiries, and participates in various other meetings. Working at NewSpace Global, he establishes contacts with Eastern European and CIS companies wishing to diversify their investments and consider investing in the development of space projects.

In the future, Anisimov would like to continue his studies and work in the commercial sector.

When asked how he managed to achieve all this, Anisimov simply responded, "Everything is possible if you want it. I was just working hard to achieve my goal."

Photo: Anisimov with NASA administrator and former astronaut Charles Frank Bolden, Jr. Picture taken at the Space Generation Congress 2010, Prague

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