EHU GAPO welcomes a new member

EHU GAPO welcomes a new member

European Humanities University (EHU) General Assembly of Part-Owners (GAPO) has endorsed the Eastern Europe Study Center (EESC) to join the highest collegial body of the University governance.

In its meeting on July 6, EHU GAPO took a decision to approve the membership of the Eastern Europe Study Center (Lithuania), represented by the Director of the EESC Linas Kojala. The decision came into effect after required legal conditions were executed.

The EESC was established by Vilnius University in 2006 and is a non-governmental, non-profit organization, which focuses on building civil society and promoting democracy in Eastern Europe. The EESC cooperates closely with the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Lithuania on the issues regarding EHU development. Therefore the membership of the EESC in EHU GAPO will ensure that Lithuania as a host country will find a wider representation in the main decision-making body of the University.

According to EHU President Prof. Anatoli Mikhailov: “We welcome this decision that corresponds with the interests of EHU to integrate itself into Lithuanian intellectual landscape”.

The EESC has extended experience and a great research potential in the fields of political, economic, and social studies in the Eastern-European region, and develops qualitative analyses in this field. This strategic partnership is of great importance for further implementation of the EHU’s mission and the strengthening the research activity at EHU.

The Director of the EESC Mr. Kojala finds cooperation between EHU and the EESC beneficial for promoting future democratic transformations in Belarus and the region: “We will put all the efforts to maintain EHU as a very important institution, which promotes critical thinking and European values among Belarusian youth. We hope that this cooperation and knowledge exchange will make EHU even stronger”.

General Assembly of Part-Owners is the highest collegial body of the University management. EHU's General Assembly of Part-Owners brings together organizations that reestablished EHU in Lithuania after its closure in Minsk. These include Open Society Foundations (United States), and Eurasia Foundation (United States), Institute for International Education (Lithuania) and most recently Eastern Europe Study Center (Lithuania).

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