EHU donors and Governing Board meet to shape University’s future

EHU donors and Governing Board meet to shape University’s future

The European Humanities University's (EHU) Trust Fund hosted its annual Donor Assembly on June 4, 2014. 43 persons were in attendance, representing 16 supporting nations and organizations. The donors meet annually to review activities funded by their contributions and to discuss the University’s plans for the year ahead, as well as the status of future funding levels.

Approximately two-thirds of EHU’s budget is funded by donations, which make an education at EHU affordable for students from Belarus. The EHU Trust Fund was established by mandate of the European Commission and is administered by the Nordic Council of Ministers in Copenhagen.

Lithuanian Vice-Minister of Foreign Affairs Rolandas Kriščiūnas thanked donors for their long-standing support for EHU and encouraged them to continue to support the Belarusian university-in-exile, because “education is a long-term journey, not a destination" and, by educating young Belarusians, EHU creates "significant input into the democratic development of Belarus as these young people are likely to play a leading role in their homeland’s future."

The Donor's Assembly was immediately followed by a scheduled meeting of the University's Governing Board. By invitation of the Board, for the first time two EHU student representatives were in attendance.

Board Activities:

  • Following upon input from EHU's academic community, the Board reviewed and finalized changes to the University Statute in preparation for final approval.
  • The Board received a report on the status of institutional advancement and fundraising.
  • The proposed 2014-15 institutional budget was reviewed and discussed.
  • The Board received a report on the results of the first phase of EHU’s faculty reform process, which was recently carried out by a hiring commission that included international experts from Luxembourg, Germany, and Sweden.

The Board approved the first EHU alum, Artiom Anisimov (Bachelor of International Law 2009), for Board membership (to be confirmed by EHU’s General Assembly of Part-Owners).

The next Donor Assembly should take place June 4, 2015.

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