EHU Distinguished Alumnus 2014: Connecting Europe to Belarusp]

EHU Distinguished Alumnus 2014: Connecting Europe to Belarus

Vladislav Androsov (MA Class of 2012) has been named EHU Distinguished Alumnus 2014.

Two years after graduating from the European Humanities University, Androsov heads two tourism companies. The University, which he sees as a bridge between Belarus and Europe, served as the inspiration for his business idea of building bridges between the two, thus improving the general health of both.

Androsov’s first company, Med Travel Belarus, organizes health services for foreigners in Belarus.

“In 2010, I opened the first medical tourism company. It has been greatly successful,” he says. In 2013, he opened another company, Elite Med, which specializes in selecting medical clinics abroad at which Belarusian patients can be treated.

Med Travel Belarus was the first Belarusian tour operator in the sphere of medical tourism. Androsov is Belarus’s leading expert in the field of medical tourism, as well as in the export of medical services.

“We are growing year by year, due primarily to the responsibility inherent in the work we do. I think that the precise studying during my years at EHU developed a sense of responsibility in me. Independent living and studying: all of this developed a sense of responsibility in me towards everything I do, including business and family. I consider it to be very valuable and important. I am thankful to EHU for this.”

Androsov’s companies are staffed by EHU alumni. According to him, EHU alums are easier to work with, are multifunctional, and trustworthy.

“EHU is helping to shape a new generation of professionals. These are people who work easily and with speed in gathering information and are better at integrating that information into their work. They are also able to help Belarusian society integrate more quickly into the European community and grow to the highest levels of economic development.”

EHU’s Distinguished Alumnus Award was presented this year for the second time. Last year, the award went to journalist and civic activist Aliaksandra Ihnatovich (MA Class of 2012).

In total, the EHU community nominated eleven alumni for the award this year. The nominations were reviewed and a short list selected by the Distinguished Alumni Award Committee, composed of EHU's Rector and Vice-Rectors, the President of the Student Union, and three randomly selected donors to EHU's Alumni Scholarship Fund. The entire EHU community then voted to select the winner.

EHU Distinguished Alumnus 2014: Connecting Europe to Belarus
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