EHU announces open competition for seventeen faculty positions

EHU announces open competition for seventeen faculty positions

The European Humanities University (EHU) invites qualified scholars interested in the advancement of humanities education to apply for 17 full-time faculty positions in the academic departments of History, Law, Media, and Social and Political Sciences. The positions, based in Vilnius, will comprise the core faculty of the university and appointments will be made for five years with the possibility of renewal.

Openings include five professorships, eight associate professorships, and four lecturer positions. EHU’s Media Department, which is the university’s largest in terms of both number of academic programs and numbers of students, will hire the largest number of permanent faculty members—eight in total. The aforementioned three other departments will hire three faculty members each.

The faculty will divide their time between work with students and research activities. They will also be expected to contribute to the development of EHU’s academic programs and initiate and lead scientific research projects.

As EHU’s Founding Rector Anatoli Mikhailov explains, the permanent faculty positions are being introduced as part of a program of institutional reform designed to improve quality and bring the university into closer alignment with national and European norms.

“The university’s need for a core faculty has been evident for some time. Temporary employment arrangements that were made in a period when the university’s exile wasn’t expected to last long must give way to a more stable arrangement. Students need a faculty that is present, accessible, and fully dedicated to the university in terms of teaching, research, and involvement in the life of the academic community. Faculty, in turn, will benefit from the university’s renewed commitment to them, including the security and benefits that full-time employment contracts provide,” said Mikhailov.

The administration anticipates that many current faculty will apply for the permanent positions, which are being introduced for the first time since the university relocated to Vilnius following its forced closure in Minsk, but stresses that the competition is open and external applicants are welcome.

Newly-appointed faculty members will commence their duties on October 1, 2014—the start of fall semester at EHU.

The European Humanities University is a private, nonprofit liberal arts university founded in Minsk in 1992. The University has been headquartered in Vilnius, Lithuania since it was forcibly closed by Belarusian authorities in 2004. As the only Belarusian university operating in an environment of academic freedom, it serves approximately 1,500 mostly Belarusian students, offering undergraduate and graduate degree programs and promoting research in the humanities and social sciences.

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