EHU Additional admissions successfully completed

EHU Additional admissions successfully completed

European Humanities University (EHU) in Vilnius has successfully concluded additional admissions to undergraduate and graduate programs. 264 freshmen students will start new academic year 2016/17 at EHU.

Admission campaign 2016 is distinctive due to the introduction of the Additional Admissions, that lasted from July 25 until August 11. As a result of this decision the University became more open and accessible to prospective students from Belarus and entire Eastern Europe.

EHU Admission campaign 2016 has seen an increase in the number of applicants and a total of 308 applications were received. Following the results of entrance exams and motivation interviews 264 applicants were recommended for the enrollment to EHU, 17,4% increase compared to the previous year results. 230 freshmen are citizens or permanent residents of Belarus, and 69,1% of them will start the new academic year tuition-free or with a tuition grant.

In 2016 EHU also sees an increase of solid academic background among prospective students with an average ranking GPA of 8,04.

Among others, there is a steady increase of Lithuanian high school graduates’ interest to EHU study programs. As a result of Lithuania’s general admissions (LAMA BPO), 10 graduates of Lithuanian high schools will begin studies at EHU.

Application deadline for the Foundation Year program in Vilnius and Minsk is September 9.

Application deadline for PhD studies in Philosophy is September 26.

EHU Academic year 2016/17 starts on October 3.

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