EC delegation holds a discussion with EHU studentsp

EC delegation holds a discussion with EHU students

European Commission (EC) delegation paid a visit to European Humanities University (EHU) Campus and held a discussion with EHU students “Bringing Europe to Belarus and Belarus to Europe: Achievements and Challenges”.

Students shared their experience of what it is like to be EHU student and talked about their perspectives in Belarus and in Europe. EC delegation members were mostly questioning “is it easy to be a humanitarian these days and find a promising job”? Students’ answers can be generalized by saying that EHU provides them with a wide spectrum of qualities which enables young people to be mobile and flexible in their career and to keep pace in a changing society.

Fifteen members of EC delegation also visited EHU library and explored the university’s programs and facilities. EHU Rector, President and Vice-rector of Academic Affairs discussed potential programming in the area of European affairs and talked about implementation of the research collaborative projects within European Union.

The European Commission is the executive body of the European Union, which has played a vital role in securing the EHU’s existence in exile. In 2008, the EC initiated the establishment of the EHU Trust Fund to secure and administer financial support for the University. The EC is the single largest donor to the EHU Trust Fund, contributing one million euros annually—up to one-fifth of the University’s budget. Its continuing support has enabled hundreds of young Belarusians to benefit from the kind of higher education not available to them in their home country, and has contributed substantially to the consolidation of EHU in exile.

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