Delfi online discussion with Prof. Anatoli Mikhailov]

Delfi online discussion with Prof. Anatoli Mikhailov

On September 2, Lithuania’s leading media portal Delfi broadcasted online discussion with European Humanities University (EHU) President Prof. Anatoli Mikhailov.

During the discussion, Prof. Mikhailov was joined by Freedom House Vilnius office director and lecturer at the Institute of International Relations and Political Science of Vilnius University Vytis Jurkonis. The discussion was moderated by the Eastern European Studies Center Senior Analyst Dr. Laurynas Kasčiūnas.

The debate tackled the role of higher education in the transformation of post-totalitarian societies; the importance of higher education in strengthening civil society and accelerate democratic transformations in Eastern Europe; as well as the further development prospects for Belarus.

Photo: Delfi (Š. Mažeika)

Delfi TV: "Does new generation of Belarusian want another Belarus?"
Duration: 46:37
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