Danish government increases support to EHU

Danish government increases support to EHU

The government of Denmark has announced a significant increase in its contributions to the European Humanities University (EHU). Denmark's previous commitment was for a three-year total of EUR 225,000. The new commitment will provide EHU with a total of EUR 400,000—a 78% increase—over the next four years (2013-2016).

“In Belarus the opportunity to have a free and independent education with a focus on critical learning and the formation of democratically-minded students is limited. In this context, the EHU is a good alternative which Denmark is happy to support,” said Danish Ambassador to Lithuania H.E. Jørgen Molde

Starting this year, Denmark intends to contribute EUR 100,000 per year to EHU's Trust Fund, which is administered by the Nordic Council of Ministers in Copenhagen.

“The Nordic countries have been a major pillar of support for EHU. We are most grateful for this significant increase by Denmark as well as Denmark's long-term commitment to helping sustain our University,” said EHU’s Rector Anatoli Mikhailov.

The new announcement by Denmark comes in the wake of announcements of substantial increases in support for EHU by Sweden and Norway as well as renewed commitments by other donors, including the European Commission and the United States. About two-thirds of EHU's budget is supported by donations from more than a dozen European governments, the government of the United States, and other donors.

The European Humanities University is a private, nonprofit liberal arts university founded in Minsk in 1992. The University has been headquartered in Vilnius, Lithuania since authorities expelled it from Belarus in 2004. It serves more than 1,600 mostly Belarusian students, offering undergraduate and graduate degree programs and promoting research in the humanities and social sciences.

Photo by Jacob Bøtter

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