Challenges to freedom of movement discussed at EHUp]

Challenges to freedom of movement discussed at EHU

The closing conference of the Campus Europae “Our Freedom of Movement” project took place at EHU. Students and organizers shared the results of the seven-month long project that aimed to identify key challenges to the freedom of movement among universities in Europe and discuss ways to address them.

According to Project Coordinator Silvia Crocitta, major obstacles to freedom of movement are differences in documentation, course accreditation, and visa requirements as well as economic sustainability. The project team has been talking to students across Europe. The final report will be submitted to Campus Europae–a project of the European University Foundation designed to strengthen and accelerate the development of the European Higher Education Area. The Campus Europae Student Council hopes it will influence Europe 2020–Europe’s Growth Strategy.

“We seek to encourage youth not to give up when faced with problems, but to raise their voice and try to seek solutions,” Crocitta said. According to her, Belarusian students need to travel home every time they need to renew visas, which interferes with their studies and is not cost-effective.

However, first year EHU student Viktoryia says she values the very opportunity to benefit from an exchange.

“I found out about the possibility of exchanges only at EHU. I would like to go to France because I am learning French. I think it would help me understand different cultures and social groups better,” she said.

EHU joined the Campus Europae network in 2008. Approximately 130 EHU students have benefited from international exchange programs like Campus Europae since 2009.

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