"Be prepared for change" speakers tell incoming EHU studentsp]

"Be prepared for change" speakers tell incoming EHU students

October 1 marks the start of EHU's Fall Semester and a special welcoming ceremony was held that day for incoming students.

“EHU is joining the tradition and heritage of European education in humanities, Rector Anatoli Mikhailov told approximately 250 incoming undergraduate and graduate students. We can only reach this goal through cooperation, so be active, ask critical questions, question your reality.

“Belarus will need a generation of people who are educated in the spirit of critical thinking, creativity, and personal responsibility,” said Vice-Rector for Development and Communications Darius Udrys, reminding students that authoritarian governments don't last forever, that often change comes much sooner and faster than expected, and that they should prepare for change and not lose hope.

EHU Student President Hauryil Smaharzheuski encouraged incoming students to
be prepared to change.”

In four years, you will change a lot from who you are now, said Smaharzheuski, encouraging students to take advantage of all EHU has to offer.

Smaharzheuski was joined by former student president and current Vice-President of Lithuania's National Student Union Maksim Milto, who encouraged students to be active.

At EHU I realized that it is not circumstances that change who you are, but you yourself have the power to change things. This is the time when you become personalities, leaders in your groups, among your mates. This is the chance to prove to yourself how creative, responsible, and engaged you really are, said Milto.

Returning students said they were looking forward to continuing their studies at EHU.

“I feel I gain many new experiences and new possibilities. I’ve been waiting to return to university during summer vacation. I study journalism, and at EHU we have projects with Belsat, with Lithuanian television. I am happy to be back,” said EHU media student Vladislav.

His friend Jauhenia, who is studying political science, said she has plans to practice languages more intensively and take part in EHU's election observation project in the upcoming year.

Opening Ceremony of EHU's 8th Academic Year in Vilnius (01.10.2012)
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