Artes Liberales draws over 1000 visitorsp

Artes Liberales draws over 1000 visitors

More than one thousand participants–students of EHU and Belarusian universities, scholars, and Belarusian youth–visited Artes Liberales at the Ў Gallery of Contemporary Art in Minsk in February. This second annual celebration of the liberal arts organized by EHU faculty and Student Service featured nearly forty different events, including photo and art exhibitions, presentations of books, films and other artwork, workshops, and discussions on a wide range of topics.

Artes Liberales is a model of an open university that promotes the ideals of academic freedom, the sense of community, and the value of socio-humanitarian knowledge in our highly pragmatic and technology-driven world. With Artes Liberales we all can slow down for a while to take a breath for new inspirations,” said the head of EHU’s Media Department and director of the Artes Liberales events Professor Almira Ousmanova.

Workshops on street art and a "green Minsk", and a discussion of discourses on love attracted the highest numbers of participants. The program also included presentations of recent publications by EHU lecturers and researchers Olga Shparaga, Andrei Gornykh, Maxim Zhbankou, Felix Ackermann, and others. 

The Artes Liberales program, held annually in Minsk, aims to highlight the importance and value of the liberal arts to contemporary society.

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