Alumni Association to adopt statute, elect leadersp

Alumni Association to adopt statute, elect leaders

Nearly 100 European Humanities University alumni gathered near Trakai for EHU’s Third Annual Alumni Homecoming. It was the largest gathering of EHU alumni in Lithuania to date.

Alumni arrived not only from Belarus, Lithuania, and Russia. Some came from as far away as California. Several groups of graduates were represented—from the Class of 1999 to the Class of 2014—working in fields such as media, science, tourism, design, entertainment, and business.

Alumni were welcomed by EHU Founding Rector Anatoli Mikhailov, who encouraged them to stay in touch, both with the University and among themselves.

Participants discussed a draft statute for the Alumni Association and candidates interested in leading the Association introduced themselves.

EHU alumnus Andrei Mayeuski (Class of 2012) said the Alumni Association would be useful for many things. “It will help us keep in contact with each other; a time will come when the knowledge we received at EHU will be even more important and necessary in Belarus,” he stated.

According to Mayeuski, the Alumni Association can help alumni by developing a mentoring system among EHU alumni and students: “Our professional knowledge and experience could be useful to students who are just starting the University.”

A draft statute that would regulate the Association’s governance has been developed by a committee of alumni. Additional discussions and voting on the statute as well as leadership of the Association is planned for fall of this year.

The EHU Alumni Card project was presented to participants, as well. The Card will serve as an alumni identification card and will offer alumni benefits, such as discounts in restaurants, hotels, and other businesses. The list of partners features some ten companies in both Lithuania and Belarus, and more are expected to join. Partner companies include businesses established by EHU alumni, such as VasPan Rural Estate in Belarus; and Vilnius Relax and Paul’s Garage in Lithuania.

A documentary film by Anton Mazeika (MA Class of 2011) about this year’s recipient of the EHU Distinguished Alumni Award, Uladzislau Androsau (MA Class of 2012) was screened during the homecoming.

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